Welcome To Monakka Alvie Girls Orphanage

Monakka-Alvie Girls Orphanage supports young women to become strong social and economic pillars in the community.

Registration Number: RAJ: 619/13


Our mission is to take care of girls from the age of 5 and give them a comfortable home, a family, food, clothing, healthcare, a public school education, an Islamic education, computer and sewing skills, and much more.


Our vision is to provide our girls with the basics they need to help them grow up in a healthy environment and have a chance for a better, more sustainable future.


The objectives of Monakka-Alvie Orphanage are to uplift and enhance the social and economic conditions of the people with the greatest needs in the rural areas, especially young girls between 5 and 18 years

Monakka Alvie Girls Orphanage

The construction of Monakka-Alvie Girls Orphange (MAGO) began in May 2011, with the opening ceremony taking place on the 15th of May, 2015. The orphanage exists to help poor girls whose parents cannot afford to feed them, educate them or take care of them.


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By the grace of Almighty, we are providing for the girls. Your donations will ensure the continued growth of the Orphanage.